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The prospect of reinvigorating yourself through the insipid quarantine time can be a daunting task, primarily due to the absence of the motivational factors in the isolating times. Being the busy birds that we tend to be round the year demands an individual element of rejuvenation, a moment of tranquility to revitalize our mind for the facets of life.

Emporium has a resolute commitment towards presenting its revered traveling community with a sumptuously galvanizing experience that vivifies their lives to the core. Our luxury retreats fit the bill with furnishing an experience that features a close companionship of grandeur with serenity. However, with the futile attempt of the quarantine to dampen the enlivening experience that awaits you at our destination, we look towards consolidating the strong relationship with our community by providing the reinvigorating experience at your home. We present the 3 yoga instructors that would get you in the grove of achieving the true rejuvenation until we can have you at our grand accommodations.5 YOGA INSTRUCTORS TO HELP YOU THROUGH QUARANTINE 4Kirschen Katz Yoga

What better way to spend your quarantine than with some celebrity yoga motivator empowering you to get in sync with the yogi living inside you. Kirschen Katz is sure to get you up and going just like she has influenced Hollywood with the likes of Julia Roberts and Reese Witherspoon.

Kirschen yoga focuses on harnessing the restorative ability of yoga and introducing it into the lifestyle. The yoga guru, with more than 20 years of experience, offers expertise in different yoga practices. With her prowess in the Iyengar, Vinyasa, Yin, HIIT workouts & what not, the best-kept secrets of the yoga universe would be channeled into your workout routine. Moreover, the restorative yoga sessions would certainly be a coveted aspect considering there is a need to relax the mind and soul during these precarious times. Kirschen would be your guide towards achieving tranquility by holding your hand through poses that aim towards relaxing your body. 

You can go for private sessions or group zoom classes to get your share of balance and restoration and get warmed up for better times ahead. Moreover, you can also keep connected with the Kirschen Katz on her social media and interviews with magazines to get her insight on your postures, flexibility, or endurance.5 YOGA INSTRUCTORS TO HELP YOU THROUGH QUARANTINE 1Erica Geller Jordan

Staycation at home can be a difficult prospect for enthusiastic minds, and hence it can be taxing in its way. Mind healing and getting to discover the unexplored aspects of you can be the perfect remedy. Erica Geller Jordan can be your beau ideal when it comes to a healing practitioner and counselor. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience in her passion for meditation and shamanic practices.

The counseling sessions involve her guiding you as you discover and embrace your true self with the help of somatic psychology. We tend to forget about ourselves with the things going around us, and her counseling is based on remedying this tendency. Moreover, she also offers to reform meditation sessions, providing you with a place to let go and focus your attention on what is important in your present. On top of that, she offers an opportunity to communicate with your ‘spirit self’ in a bid to know about yourself and hence heal yourself spiritually. She is a certified shamanic practitioner, so you are certainly in very capable hands if you plan on going on a journey of self-healing and discovering yourself in the uncertain times. 

Erica has been providing her services through video sessions. Her online group classes would surely help you to focus on yourself and stay positive through the times.5 YOGA INSTRUCTORS TO HELP YOU THROUGH QUARANTINE 2Five Parks Yoga With Erin Sampson

If you are looking for a yoga session that genuinely captivates your mind, then the Five Parks Yoga is just the right thing to happen to you. Indulging in a supremely refreshing yoga within an insanely blissful surrounding is everyone’s’ dream, and Five Parks brings this to reality. 

Erin Sampson has achieved perfection in combining the essence of yoga and connecting it with the mood around. The instructions are clear and in sync with the minds of the audience, enabling them to gather the comprehensive explanation behind every pose. The moves have been enlisted in such delicacy that even the beginners would be able to connect with them. Moreover, the confidence that she expels with every step is visible, adding to the belief that you are certainly in the right hands. 

The channel has demonstrated variation in the content of the videos. The duration is kept flexible with 20-60-minute sessions, tailored to suit the needs of the yoga enthusiasts. Moreover, the real strength of the channel resides in the truly diverse collection of poses featured in the sessions. Whether it’s about relaxing the stress that has accumulated or about the flexibility that you desire, you would undoubtedly find themes associated with every yoga session. 

Hence, you would witness an array of yoga sessions available to resonate with your skill level and mood. 

Watching Erin ace the yoga moves in the exotic Costa Rica retreat, pristine Nicaragua seaside, and the natural Colorado location would surely propel you to pack your bags and embark on your very own yoga vacation.


Fightmaster Yoga

The Lesley Fight Master channel on YouTube can be termed as one of the most comprehensive yoga collections that you have ever seen. The platform has perfected every aspect that comes with yoga; you have a session designed for every aspect of life. There are videos available for Morning and Bedtime and for any other time when you just want to hit the mat and forget every other thing. The playlist has featured videos for different themes, whether it’s about acquiring the strength or weight loss. You can even find a video that would help you to do some pregnancy yoga. 

The videos have variance in the duration, making it super helpful for people that are inclined towards different time constraints. The videos are blended with such a style that an individual with any skill set would be able to embrace them easily. The channel prominently features an elaborative video dedicated to the forms of yoga-like the Hatha, Vinyasa, and Ashtanga, etc., accompanied by truly soothing surroundings. 

You will find each yoga session to be engaging with a smooth flow to it. Lesley paces each lesson with style and easiness that would ensure that you do not get lost with all the poses that come through. The delicacy is not just limited to how she sublimely executes the poses but also extends to her instructions accompanied with some truly fabulous quotes related to the yoga.5 YOGA INSTRUCTORS TO HELP YOU THROUGH QUARANTINE 3

Ali Kamenova Yoga

Ali’s yoga can only be aptly defined in her very own words- “I teach strong, butt-kicking, creative yoga”. Her yoga can be described as a marriage of high intensity with the calming essence of yoga, giving it the unique flavor that is not often witnessed. 

The yoga she displays is a description of high-intensity workout coupled with the conventional yoga poses. Her HIIT playlist sessions often feature an interval where she would display a burst of high intensity which may or may not be yoga-inspired. They may appear in the shape of a challenging pose or occur as repetitions to an explosive yoga endeavor, making it a perfect meal for the yogis that are obsessed with this heavy version.

Ali Kamenova’s version of yoga may be intense but still has the same calmness to the surroundings in the shape of the relaxing routine of home or beach. Moreover, her sessions are available in both long and short periods catering to the needs of the audience. Her yoga prominently features the Vinyasa style, conveniently made available for individuals of every skill set. Hence, if you have that yogi inside that relishes the opportunity to challenge himself most intensely, then Ali’s version of yoga is the way to go for you.

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