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7 Best Attractions When Visiting Rome

Rome – the epitome of historic integrity, romance, literature, and grace; Italy’s very own capital. A place of wonders imbued with sparkle and elan. Of course, Rome’s beauty is not only confined within its infrastructural construct but preserves its true essence in the crux of ancient ruins; vibrant museums, topnotch cuisines, and aesthetically pleasing geographical structure. So allow us to take you on an unforgettable journey full of splendor and mythical glory that’ll have you booking your plane tickets right away.

Here are the best attractions when visiting Rome.

1. Colosseum

Starting with the crux of Rome, the most popular tourist attraction that holds significant worth when it comes to history is the Colosseum. We can say with absolute confidence that all those traveling to Rome have not left its vicinity without marveling at the sheer grace and integrity of the building. A monument from 72 AD, various tales of brutal battles between prisoners, slaves, wild animals, and gladiators have sprung from Rome’s very own Flavian amphitheater with a massive seating capacity of 50,000! For all you history enthusiasts, this one’s exclusively for you!

2. Foro Romano and Palatino

Foro Romano – the staple of Italy’s capital, these striking ancient ruins hold imperative symbolic importance as far as Rome’s history and culture are concerned. Initially, all state ceremonies used to commence here. Not only that, but laws of the state, bureaucracy, and commerce were also discussed in its territory. Further, if you travel to the West of the Colosseum, you will find Rome’s very own birthplace, Palatine. This is located a bit far off the central hustle-and-bustle, though is equally magnificent as any other place in Rome.

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3. Pantheon

Comparatively, the Pantheon is a building that has been preserved the best out of all others in Rome. Out of context, one cannot say that the Pantheon is an ancient building from the time 119-128 AD. This was originally a temple constructed by Hadrian for the 12 classical deities and hence, is more of a symbol that captures one in awestruck wonder. The Pantheon’s infrastructural beauty is exemplary, no doubt, however, its real elegance illuminates once you step inside the building. Though don’t worry, we will not spoil the fun – you’ll just have to take a peek yourself because words fall short in describing its allure.

4. Musei Capitolini

Nurturing the artistic quality of Michelangelo, the Capitoline Museums are known as the world’s most ancient public gallery, open to the common folk in 1734. As you take a look inside, you’ll rave over jaw-dropping paintings by Caravaggio, Veronese, Tintoretto, Titian, and also magnificently composed statues by Bernini, the Baroque legend. And if you want to enjoy a little bit of that drama and experience the old Rome, G-Rough Hotel is the answer.

5. Maxxi

If at this point you’re wondering if all Rome has are ancient monuments and museums, then the answer to that is no. Of course, Rome’s specialty lies in its history and that is what interests tourists the most, though don’t be swayed by that assumption. When it comes to modern beauty, Rome is at the top of its league, and the Museum of the Arts of the 21st Century proves just that! A reflection of today’s ever-diversifying world, MAXXI itself is an incredibly expressionistic art piece. Considerably, it is home to some of the most breathtaking artworks by extremely talented contemporary artists.

6. Pincio

While traveling, the grandeur of ancient and modern buildings is definitely the highlight of the trip. Though once in a while, the man-made beauty becomes too overwhelming and all you want to do is rest in nature’s presence. For that purpose, we have listed Picnio, an old garden in Rome. The best part of Picnio is its stupendous view of the Vatican, coupled with St. Peter’s silhouetted golden dome.

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7. Rome’s Secret – Vatican Apostolic Library

Saving the best for last, here is where you’ll hear all the conspiracies, rumors, hidden secrets, and shocking facts about the reality of Rome’s history. Situated in the Vatican Palace, it is known as one of the world’s most comprehensive depositories. However, do not get too excited because its mysterious allure comes with a price – and no, we are not talking in terms of Euros. You cannot enter the archives unless you are a professional researcher, university professor, or Ph.D. student who can prove the urgency behind their visit. Regardless, it is still interesting to visit the Vatican Palace and unveil stories you might hear from bystanders. Who knows, you might even discover something new.