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Amara Hotel in Cyprus – A Luxurious Escape by the Sea

Step into a world where the allure of seaside luxury getaways meets tranquility. Here, the horizon is yours to own, and every moment is designed with care and elegance. Welcome to Amara Hotel, where the essence of everlasting beauty and exceptional service converge to create moments that linger in the heart long after you depart.

As you enter the hotel lobby, a grand spectacle unfolds before you—an endless panorama stretching to the horizon, inviting you to lose yourself in its vastness. Inspired by the timeless allure of the ancient Greek word ‘Amarantos,’ meaning everlasting, Amara hotel embodies this concept into every corner to ensure a sense of timelessness and wonder.

One of the highlights of this exquisite hotel is indulging in its spa. From rejuvenating Carita treatments to personalized sessions with a nutritionist and personal trainer, every aspect of wellness is thoughtfully catered to. And let’s not forget BLOWRESORT, the luxurious hair salon nestled within the spa, where guests can treat themselves to a pampering experience like no other, amidst sleek, modern design and bespoke care.

Of course, no visit to Amara Hotel would be complete without a dip in the semi-Olympic indoor pool or a soak in the adult-only seawater pool, where tranquility envelopes one like a warm embrace, washing away all stress and worry.

Amara Hotel offers multi-purpose function areas, state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment, and a seasoned team of planners unrivaled in their ability to bring to life guests’ visions for their events. Whether it’s the tender promises of weddings, the jubilant cheers of celebrations, the lively exchange of ideas, or the colorful tapestry of moments—every detail comes together beautifully, creating a perfect picture.

The Michelin-star featured restaurants invite you to savor the finest flavors from around the globe. From innovative Japanese cuisine to traditional Italian fare, each dish is a masterpiece, served against the backdrop of the azure sea. Adding to the culinary landscape is the newest addition to Amara Hotel’s gastronomic delights: Beefbar. Here, flavors collide in a symphony of creativity, where the essence of global street food merges with the finest cuts of meat, inviting you to savor a sensory feast beyond compare. Elegant yet simple, it’s the perfect complement to the already exquisite dining experience.

As you retire to your room, prepare to be enchanted by its thoughtful design and unparalleled comfort. It feels like stepping into a world of serene tranquility, where the hush of insulated floors cradles your every step, where ambient lighting paints the perfect backdrop for your mood, and where curtains glide effortlessly, a silent dance choreographed for your comfort. Every detail ensures a stay here is nothing short of extraordinary, providing the ultimate in seafront luxury getaways.

images: Amara Hotels

And for the younger guests, the fun never ends at their supervised children’s club. From educational games to playful activities, the expert staff ensure that every child’s time is brimming with joy and laughter.

Take a moment to close your eyes and picture yourself in a world where time slows down and each passing moment feels like a treasure waiting to be held dear. This is the immersive experience offered by Amara Hotel, where guests have the opportunity to escape reality and indulge in pure luxury by the sea. So if you’re planning a trip to Cyprus, choosing Amara Hotel as your accommodation will undoubtedly be the highlight of your journey.