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An Extravagant Girls Weekend in Lisbon – Day 2

An Extravagant Girls Weekend in Lisbon – Day 2

Sayanna Wellness and Spa

Now for some of you, the travelling adventure is as crucial as experiencing something that relaxes and soothes you. I hear you all, trust me! 

For your Lisbon treat, The Sayanna Spa is THE place to freshen you up. This is another venture of the Epic Sana Marques Hotel and follows the concept of customized well-being to provide an unprecedented level of comfort to the guests. 

It functions to cater to the inner and outer needs of the guests in a way that is consistent with the world-class ideals of providing relief to the guests, taking them on the ultimate journey to indulge their mind, body and soul. In collaboration with two internationally renowned professional brands, Sayanna Wellness & Spa can propose full care – body and facial, to it’s guests and visitors. 

I enjoyed THE ESSENCE OF LISBON, Monsanto, a treatment combination of essential oils, guided inhalation, warm muds, and tension releasing long and deep massage movements.

It brings the serenity of nature to your mind, body and skin. You feel restored from the stresses of modern-day living and relieved from restlessness. I loved it!

And Paulina was pampered by the Belém treatment.

It is a beautiful tribute to the Portuguese discoveries and the ocean surrounding us, with a salt and coffee scrub, freshwater mud wrap and a tension relief head or foot reflex massage.

You also can enjoy one of the advanced skincare treatments like Citrus Essence or a facial treatment that combines the most advanced technology with natural ingredients to make your skin look young and bright. 

Through the practice of ancestral philosophies coupled with their holistic approach and treatments with modern technology, they create a distinctive “east meets west” concept which certainly lives up to the hype. So, relax and get ready to be pampered in the most exclusive spa to enjoy the experience of a lifetime.

Where to shop in Lisbon?

Travelling to Portugal and not stop by the famed Avenida da Liberdade for a memorable shopping experience. 

Famous as one of the most expensive shopping streets in Europe, which is nothing short of extraordinary considering the competition it finds itself in, the Avenida da Liberdade is a shopping experience for all ages. Due to its central location and proximity to numerous prestigious areas and institutions, it is a natural attraction for local and foreign brands. Over the years, it has developed into a prime luxury destination and the best place to shop grandeur brands. 

What more can a visitor wish for other than a significant brand hub where you can find every item of luxury you can possibly desire. All the luxury brands integrated into a single location; this place can be termed “shopaholic’s paradise”.

We had a fantastic day in the Spa and enjoyed our luxury shopping tour. In my next article, I will share our culinary experiences with you, and I will share my secret where you can enjoy the most extraordinary Sunset in Lisbon.

Astrid Obert – Co Founder Emporium-Collection

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Images by: Sana Hotels, unsplash, Astrid Obert