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An Extravagant Girls Weekend in Lisbon – Day 3

An Extravagant Girls Weekend in Lisbon – Day 3

The Coolest Hotspot and Most Magical Sunsets

While we did shop till we dropped, we couldn’t ignore the bar culture in Lisbon. And I know it may sound a bit clichéd here, but let me say this: the good old “riding into the sunset” is the epitome of all the beautiful things that can happen in life!

When in Lisbon, the best place to witness the sun giving way tonight with the most spectacular of views is none other than the SUD Lisboa Pool Lounge. Located on the topmost floor of the SUD Lisboa Terrazza provides stunning views of the 25 de Abril Bridge and Cristo Rei, adding to the beauty of the already glorious sunset. 

The view is just too incredible to be missed; order a cocktail of your choice.
I recommend the famous SUD Alei, Sweeney White Dalva Port, Tanqueray nºTen, Sugar Syrup, Fresh Lime Juice, Flavored with Orange Zest and Finished with Schweppes Ginger Ale, feel the fresh breeze and get lost in the beautiful scenery. 

Afterwards, head downstairs for a sumptuous dinner at the SUD Lisboa Restaurant, a premium destination to enjoy Authentic Mediterranean Gastronomy, along with the best entertainment in Lisbon. Don’t be surprised if you find the food absolutely ravishing with a commendable service of the highest order. In addition, there is a wide variety on offer to appease people with sophisticated tastes, vehemently leading to, all in all, a splendid dining experience.

We tried the Contadine Salad with Quinoa, Burrata Artigianale, Tonno Marinato, as starters and for the main course, I had Fresh Codfish, and Paulina enjoyed the John Dory au Meunière. We absolutely loved it. You have to try it!

They also offer entertainment in the evenings with singers and DJ’s performances.

Fifty Seconds by Martin Berasategui – Michelin Star Restaurant

“Out of this World” Luxury Dining Experience at Fifty Seconds by Martin Berasategui Michelin Star Restaurant

Whilst many talented chefs dream of being awarded a Michelin star, it seems that Chef Martin Berasategui has the culinary Midas touch like he has perfected the art of cooking masterfully. Everything he cooks is sure to leave you in awe of his mastery. He is amongst the most celebrated globally and has the most Michelin stars of any chef on the Iberian Peninsula.

So, there was no way we would miss visiting his latest project in Portugal, Fifty Seconds by Martin Berasategui. This name refers to the time it takes to reach the top of Lisbon’s iconic Vasco da Gama Tower, shaped like a sculpted sail adjacent to the 5-star Myriad by SANA Hotels.

One year and 50 seconds after opening, the restaurant was awarded its first Michelin star in recognition of the exceptional work of not only Berasategui but also his highly talented (predominantly) Portuguese team, including Head Chef Filipe Carvalho, Head Sommelier Marc Pinto and Restaurant Director Inacio Loureiro.

Guests are kindly asked to take the fifty-second lift ride to the top of the Vasco da Gama Tower. So don’t blame me if the images and sounds that fill the lift as one rides upwards make you feel you are entering a different dimension. 

Stepping out of the elevator, and passing through the restaurant entrance, framed with glass cases filled with remarkable wines and amazing views – at night, it’s like someone has conjured up an impressive scene with a magic wand, coupled with commendable attention to detail to compliment the lovely evening setting in the backdrop.

We were allowed to experience the 13-course Tasting Menu on the recommendation of the Maître D. It was a gustatory interplay of all the senses, a true explosion of taste and a sensual palate experience.

The exclusive 35-seat restaurant with panoramic views from the sky and the delicacies on display come together to form a truly “out of this world” feeling (no pun intended).

All in all, Lisbon, in my personal opinion, is a true combination of luxury with inclusivity. It is something that would surely spell into a whole new chapter in your book of life.

Lisbon, I’m in love with you – See you soon again!

Astrid Obert – Co Founder Emporium Collection

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Images by: SUD Lisboa, 50' Seconds, Astrid Obert