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Astoria Resort

Astoria Resort located on the Seefeild’s Plateau, a short walk away from the ski lifts and train station in Tirol, Austria, this upscale resort is everything decadent and more. For all its discerning guests, it comes equipped with only the finest amenities.

This 5-star hotel is run warmly and personally by Elisabeth Gürtler, who will not only be your host but also the supervisor of the Hotel Sacher Eduard Sacher GmbH.

It is at a 1200-meter altitude, making it a perfect vacation destination, away from your mundane routine.

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In the summer, the hotel offers diverse hiking trips; tennis, golf and water sport activities while in the winter, the guests can scavenge on the snowy Alpine slopes and ride through the many trails. The location of the resort adds to what makes it so exceptional; it’s within the centre of the hotel’s 20000 square kilometre park and is at a walking distance from the OlympiaregionSeefeld in Tirol.

The rooms range from country-chic to alpine chic and each suite has a luxe style furnishing, with elegantly designed balconies and living rooms, all complimented with a panoramic view of the surrounding valley.

So, come and feel yourself to be revitalized at the Astoria Resort, with the promise of an remarkable experience.