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The shepherd

The shepherd located in the core of the Great Walser Valley, surrounded by soaring mountains, the very posh Das Schafer should be your next destination for a tranquil and relaxing vacation.

Only 4 km from the Seilbahnen Sonntag cable car and a short drive from the Ludesch train station, this nature escape will soothe you completely.

The spacious, serene rooms (with no air-conditioning) feature wood embellishments, as well as many amenities such as free internet connectivity, flat-screen TVs and desks.


The higher end rooms come with luxurious balconies and serene views of the mountains, while suites come with decadent living rooms and attached kitchens. Each room is designed with a touch of simplicity, yet does not lose its elegance. What makes the Das Schafer stand out is the inclusion of more natural aspects of the surrounding that add to the hotel’s ambiance.

The resort offers guided hikes into the wilderness, a peaceful walk through the hotel’s very own parish garden, the Berga Spa that offers various treatments (including the special fascia method) to soothe the stress out of their guests and a professional culinary program that puts forward gourmet meals all day long.

So, come and feel yourself to be rejuvenated at the Das Schafer, with the promise of an unforgettable experience.