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Bespoke Anthénea Floating Condos for Your New Aqua Adventure

This pandemic has undoubtedly brought with it a stream of uncertainty. However, there is one prospect that has remained certain whatsoever; the enticing proposition of an oceanic retreat. 

Exclusivity, luxury, and exotic setting of pristine blue waters supplemented by the sultry coastlines; all these facets have thoroughly gained weight lately, promising to furnish a truly bespoke lifestyle experience.

Within this context of living on the sea, Anthénea’s eco-friendly floating condos present a gem of a deal for the adventure aficionados with a thing for the aqua-life.

These floating apartments for the sea were unveiled as a prototype back in 2019, with the idea to revamp the lifestyle expected of a true bespoke marine adventure. Introducing such a unique concept warranted a coherent outlook on comfort and the eco-friendly manifesto, which the company raised along with this novel inception.

Anthénea-Inspiration Behind the Pods

The journey of its culmination has been quite interesting and rigorous. Fans of the nostalgic action-packed 1977 James Bond movie, ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’, can trace their memories back to the spooky villain’s hideout in the thrilling flick.

The Bond movie furnished inspiration for the French naval architect Jean-Michel Duacancelle to bring the concept in practical use, not the sinister part of the lair, instead its bespoke use within a marine setting.

The adaptation of this unique concept has taken over 15 years and more than five prototypes to achieve perfection. However, your very own Bond movie reference is well and truly here to rule your marine aspirations. 

Anthénea-Enjoy Luxury Consciously

The bespoke dome of luxury not only provides an incredible resort experience in the seas but is also eco-friendly. This consideration has only achieved prominence with the pandemic, where the global focus has convoluted towards preserving the ecosystem.

The company has catered to this element meticulously as the high-end pods have no impact on the underwater ecosystem. Its engineered anchoring mechanism and sand screw have been configured to offer minimal damage to the ocean floor.

Moreover, the inclusion of solar-powered panels ensures the use of clean, renewable energy for the pods, further guaranteeing the sanctity of the aquatic life. This eco-friendly profile is further augmented with the green innovation of the waste treatment system, approved by the US Coast Guard entity. 

The pods are additionally equipped with a saltwater filtration system and are fully recyclable, giving an entirely eco-friendly proposition to the bespoke clientele.

Anthénea-A Man-Made Marvel

In addition to the environmental conservation efforts, the Anthénea floating resorts offer a unique glimpse with their shape and size, with a 31 feet diameter offering comfortable space to host the shenanigans of a family of four.

The luxury profile of the pods is adorned with all the contemporary interior elements, featuring an F&B area, a lounge, and rooftop seating to cherish the tranquil view of the sea. The rooftop, though, comes with the capacity to accommodate up to 12 guests at a time.

Suppose the surrounding spectacle gets bland, or the guests vote for a new marine expedition. In that case, the Anthénea pods provide propulsion capability and can be steered with a joystick to a different location.

Moreover, the company maintains that the pods can repel Force 6 winds of up to 27 knots providing the much-needed stability in the seas that may turn rogue at any instant.

This is not the end for the company, though, as there is motivation to couple this unique bespoke concept with the hospitality industry. Hence, do not be surprised if you find these ‘Lotus Flower’ luxury pods ruling the most stunning marine locations, fashioning a truly magnificent hospitality retreat for the dream vacations.

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