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Sergi Cadenas- Optical Art displayed in Jordi Barnadas Gallery

Sergi Cadenas (Girona, 1972) is one of the world’s leading optical art artists. He is currently focused on large-format portraits and takes as models famous faces as well as people around him.

His long-awaited exhibition at Jordi Barnadas Gallery shows spectacular three-dimensional works.

Difficult to execute and with great precision, beyond the optical effect his works struck strong speech. Expresses through painting: the passing of the years, the idea of ​​death, intelligence opposed to physical beauty, the equality of races or opposite feelings, is a great exercise in observation and analysis. The results are so brilliant and extraordinary that they leave no one indifferent.

The desire to experiment and discover new ways of creating has led him to paint three-dimensional oil paintings in which, depending on which angle you look at them, the image represented changes. This familiar man accompanied with his brushes and his dog spends hours and hours in his studio.

His work is astonishing and in constant evolution, he represents his art beyond the borders of enjoyment and amazement.

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