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Enjoy Caviar Tasting At Home While Practicing Social Distancing

Caviar is one of the fanciest delicacies the world has to offer. Traditionally labelled as “Black Gold”, the supreme deity is the delight of numerous cuisines around the globe that serve it as an exquisite member of their fancy dining. This delight of Eastern Europe and the Black Sea has enormous enthusiasts worldwide with some of the most exquisite restaurants acquiring it to serve the treat’s ever-increasing fame.

The devoted have taken it upon themselves to keep the tradition alive even in the face of the pandemic. The luxury has been made available for the Caviar lovers to experience the pleasing process of caviar tasting at home while adhering to the aspect of social distancing. Online services are being rendered for hosting virtual tastings, allowing the enthusiasts to witness the process in the company of experienced chefs, who display their uniquely novel ways of enjoying the elegant delicacy.

Caviar Tasting at Home San Fransisco

The Caviar Co. from San Francisco is one such curator that is hosting virtual caviar tasting at home for the audience in love with the luxury. The service was founded in 2015 by two sisters Petra and Saskia Bergstein who are known in the restaurant circles for their expertise in the caviar business. The virtual presentations being held are an extension of their commitment towards providing an aquaculture and sustainable caviar to their eager clients. The virtual tasting is held every two weeks with a collection comprising of the roe from the best of the species. The process of witnessing the tasting at your home would involve a special guest chef demonstrating the process in his own unique manner. A virtual caviar testing is scheduled on 28th May on Instagram live, which would include a flight comprising of 10g samples of Jar of Salmon, Classic White Sturgeon, and Kaluga Hybrid. The gift box would further have complimentary ingredients like the Bellwether Farms Crème Fraîche, Gourmet French Cocktail Blini, and one Mother of Pearl Caviar Spoon. The flight is freshly packed on order and has a shelf life of one week. However, once opened, it should best be consumed within 3 to 4 days.

Caviar Tasting Boston

Gourmet Boutique is another option for virtual tasting sessions. The store is located in the Westin Copley Hotel in the heart of Copley Square, Boston. The service offers caviar tasting at home sessions which have a defined procedure. The individuals who want to indulge in the joy of virtual tasting from the comfort of their homes are required to purchase a tasting kit from the store’s very own international collection. Gourmet Boutique would provide the details regarding the equipment, so no worries. Once the kit is purchased and the meeting is scheduled, you will receive the Zoom login information through an email and voila! You are ready for your very own virtual caviar tasting experience.

Caviar Tasting California

The winery Domaine Carneros from California is hosting private virtual tours for wine tasting; however, the slight twist to the story is that you can choose your favorite caviar from a menu with an array of options to accompany your wine tasting process. Once you receive your sparkling order of wine, you can pair it sublimely with the relishing caviar tasting experience via Zoom. The appointments for a professional tasting session can be made through the Domaine Carneros website.

With the uncertain pandemic situation, the facility of online tasting is certainly a great proposition for the caviar lovers. The social interaction with food maybe a no go area right now but the online options ensure that you are able to revel in your love of food in the true classic manner.

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