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Which Top Luxury Brands Are Reopening Amidst Covid19

The global community is still bravely enduring the catastrophe of Covid-19, with the pandemic sweeping any semblance of routine engagements amidst the medical emergency. However, with the belief moulded with each passing day that the novel virus is here to reside for some time, the world has decided that it’s time to submit to the reality and adapt accordingly with the changing scenarios. The discussion of recommencing the economic sector is taking center stage. In fact, the world is already witnessing the steps taken to partially lift the lockdowns and bring the normality back in the picture but with certain precautionary restrictions.

The luxury brands are also seeing a return to life after the authorities have decided to move towards the lifting of the lockdown. With the luxury centers of the worlds being the hot spots of the COVID-19, the top brands and the clients had to endure a difficult period. However, the decision has been made regarding the resumption of the luxury services to the people, albeit with a focus on the precaution. Therefore, certain top luxury brands are reopening for the people while remaining compatible with the standard operating procedures issued by the governments.

Luxury Brands Reopening in Paris

Being the symbol of flagship luxury, Paris is the first Western city to open its riches to the people. The city is home to some of the most illustrious brands of the fashion fraternity like Louis Vuitton, Hermes, and Balenciaga. However, the stores are not only focusing on fashioning the best possible shopping experience for the potential customers but are expending serious effort on fulfilling the protocols established as a part of the re-opening process. The top luxury brands are reopening but also making it mandatory for the customers to use sanitizers and masks, and provide them with one if they don’t have it already. The steps are also applied to the staff members with the sales assistants required to use gloves and minimize contact. The fittings rooms are mostly closed, but where they are available, it is ensured that they are disinfected after every client.

The luxury boutiques are also taking some additional measures to ensure health compliance. Louis Vuitton has sales assistants ensure that the customers do not come in contact with one another and the products. At Gucci, regulations are in place to keep the flow of the people in the store under check. The luxury store allows only 27 people, with the sections inside further regulated to avoid crowding. Hermes has taken similar steps for its flagship at Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honore, with the sales assistants tasked on keeping the customer count in check. Hence, the flagships are presenting best efforts to keep the luxury tradition of the city alive, while simultaneously staying true to the safety protocols.

Top Luxury Brands Reopening in Beverly Hills

The sprightly Rodeo Drive in the glamorous Beverly Hills is following suit. Its top luxury brands are reopening, resuming services with Curbside orders and delivery. The Los Angeles county has permitted the luxury brands to continue after a severe lockdown which has been in place for two months. The stage two of the re-opening phase has allowed the flagship stores to partially open, with the high-end fashion stores currently allowed to perform door side pickups amid the pandemic. Certain iconic fashion brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci and Cartier have opened with the customers allowed to shop at the entrance, where the staffers would be ready to take orders with their inventory laded iPads. They would also be tasked to sanitize the customers to fulfill the health protocols. The measures are taken to bring life back to the luxurious Rodeo Drive, with the revitalizing of the scene planned in different phases.

Luxury Brands Reopening in Milan

Italy’s fashion powerhouse of Milan also announced its entry in the global plans of cautiously resuming the economy. The city’s esteemed Via Monte Napoleone, home to an array of luxurious flagship brands, held its grand re-opening as per the safety protocols. The fashion mainstays like Versace, Ferragamo, and Armani have opened their services for the public while keeping in check the sanitation and disinfecting practices.

Top Luxury Brands Are Reopening in Australia

Furthermore, after a month of strict lockdown, Australia also welcomed the tentative re-opening of its luxury inventory. The likes of Prada, Montblanc, Dior, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton saw the resumption of their services as a response to bring the opulence loving clients back to the scene. The health safety measures are strongly placed in compliance with the protocols. The stores are ensuring that the shopping numbers are kept within the limit to enforce social distancing.

Moreover, some of the brands have introduced the facet of appointments and private showings. Dior has restricted its services for the customers who have booked a time schedule in an attempt to properly manage the new situation. On similar lines, Louis Vuitton has developed the facet of organizing private shows for its clients. Hublot has restricted its working days to Tuesdays and Saturdays and is offering virtual consultation for its clients, with the purchase shipped to their addresses.

The pandemic has undoubtedly hit the luxury market with the shutdown lasting months. However, luxury brands are now visiting various avenues in a bid to re-open and revamp their services in the face of current circumstances, also ensuring that the health protocols do not sour the significance of the shopping experience for the customers.

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