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Greece-Versatile Activities for Leisure and Exploration

Greece-Versatile Activities for Leisure and Exploration

Greece is one of the best destinations for vacations. With its beautiful islands and the coastline, clear blue water, white sandy beaches, luxury resorts, and hotels as well as rich historical and cultural heritage offers versatile activities for leisure and exploration. Greek national cuisine offer delights for every taste, its folklore amazes, and the hospitality of the people is so charming and attractive that makes your stay memorable and the lifetime experience for sure.
In whatever part of Greece you decide to stay, all of it has its attractions, but one is for sure, you will not make a mistake. For today we are presenting two locations that will draw your attention as the best-hidden gems and they are still undiscovered in the meaning of mass tourism, but yet worthy to visit.

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Sami Kefalonia Greece

Kefalonia is an island in Greece in the Ionian Sea. Sami is located in the north-east of Kefalonia. The beautiful village has water in front of tree-lined coast with a lot of tavernas, cafes, and bars where you can enjoy the glorious views across the island of Ithaca.
Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, the famous movie and the majority of the scenes were filmed here, so the restaurants display many pictures of the leading actor Nicolas Cage.

A short drive from Sami is the stunning beach Antisamos Beach. Set in a bay with a long stretch of white pebbles, crystal clear blue water you can enjoy sunbathing and swimming. Laidback restaurants are serving delicious meals and drinks. Other beaches that are nearby are Paliouras Beach and Karavomilos Beach.
As for the island of Kefalonia, with its big heritage is a diverse island to explore. Apart from the watersports, you can enjoy bird watching, hiking, and the jeep safari that will take to ghost villages and to the top of Mount Aros. Kayaking, caving, and abseiling are also available.

Skiathos Island Greece

Skiathos is the most popular island in the Sporades. It attracts tourists of all ages and nationalities. With more than 50 beaches, the blue water of the Aegean Sea is a popular destination for visitors all year round. Full of greenery thanks to Mount Pelion. The sandy Koukounaries Beach rated 7th most beautiful beach in the world and the best in Greece is one of the famous beaches here. The iconic Lalaria Beach, accessible by boat trip has white pebbles and turquoise waters where you can enjoy the day.

As for the other attractions, Kounistras Monastery is worth a visit. In the hills behind Troulos, it is a fine place to enjoy mid-day drinks and simple food. Ruins of Kastro and the Evangelistia Monastery are also accessible by boat.

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