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Hong Kong-Enjoy the Flavors

Hong Kong-Enjoy the Flavors

Asia’s Worlds Town – Hong Kong is a city where you can enjoy the blend of modern and traditional Chinese architecture. The city of skyscrapers offers one different journey- through the tastes and flavors of unique cuisines from all around the globe. The luxury restaurants offer some leisure time and a burst of flavors to satisfy all its guests’ particular tastes.

Hong Kong-Enjoy the Flavors

This particular trip is to present you with the newest restaurants in Hong Kong-Enjoy the flavors.

  • T8 Teppanyaki-Teppan maestro Arthur Li offers an elevated beefy experience. The spotlighting Miyazaki beef is a must-try. The deluxe Teppanyaki Dinner set also features foie gras, Ezo abalone, lobster served grilled and bisque, uni fried rice, sashimi, and sushi accompanied with wide selections of sake.
  • The Tea Academics– artisanal tea is offered with vibrant beetroot pancakes, almond flavor cakes matcha miso soba and a long list of plant-based dishes.
  • Yakiniku Ishidaya– represents a chic dining room with enough privacy to feel comfortable. It offers 20 varieties of premium beef and jet-fresh Japanese chicken and seafood. Fresh vegetables and salads are also available. Sake, shochu, draught beer, whisky, cocktail, and fine wines round the experience. The opening is announced for December 11th.
  • Ita Meshi– a perfect blend of Italian and Japanese culinary flair offering signature dishes. Al dente wafu pasta, fritto misto seafood fried in a tempura-style batter, comforting Japanese elements such as matcha, teriyaki sauce, sake, and soy sauce to serve that distinct flavor profile.
  • TIL (Today Is Long)-located on Queen’s Road West, this neighborhood coffee shop offers a caffeinated cure, airy interiors, and many plants.. Expertly brewed coffees, freshly baked goods, open sandwiches, toasties, salad bowls, and seasonal cakes and sweets will capture your card or will prepare you for a nice picnic.
  • Pala– It specializes in Roman-style pizzas made from a dough recipe that’s passed down from generations. Signature “pizza all apala” squares served on a wooden palette. A hotspot amongst the city’s Italian community, the cozy restaurant and terrace offer creative flavors inspired by pasta. Vegetarian and vegan options are also part of the menu.
  • Ma… and the Seeds of Life– Chef Tina Barrat is behind Hong Kong’s latest bold new step towards greener eating. A new French raw vegan restaurant housed in chic surroundings offers crafted plant-based dishes that are served fully raw, soaked, sprouted, dehydrated or gently warmed in efforts to keep maximum nutrient density. Must try is the vegan ‘caviar’ made with chia seeds.
  • Masa – you can expect a refined, omakase sushi kitchen, Japanese cedar wood countertops and Hong Kong’s financial district as your backdrop.
  • Les Papilles– a new French bistro is a brainchild of excetuve chef Jeff Chan where signature items include a Charloais burger with goose oil fries; smoked salmon with caviar, cucumber salad and avocado purée; French steak bavette with Montpellier butter; and a homemade financier cake. A six-course tasting menu is also available.
  • Duckee– serves a flexitarian-friendly ‘yin-yang’ menu with half carnivore-friendly, half-vegetarian-friendly platters, Yin-Yang Peking duck — pairing a roast half duck with a roast vegetarian iteration; typhoon shelter salt-and-pepper squid alongside coconut meat; yin-yang xiaolongbao featuring pork and OmniPork dumplings and many more exciting creations. A very playful approach to modern Chinese cuisine while a round or two at the Mahjong-style game table is a must.

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