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Scandinavia-Magical Countries

Scandinavia-Magical Countries

Being at home for almost a year, we want to travel and get back to our lives before the pandemic. So we are carefully picking the spots that can get us back to nature and avoiding the crowds of tourists. To be quite honest, we all want to get back to normal.
We are presenting you Scandinavia- Magical countries secluded enough and yet can satisfy travelers’ needs. Enjoying nature and feeling private is all we want and change our routine whenever we have a chance to do so. Scandinavian countries feature it all – beautiful coastline and mountains, lakes, hiking trails, luxury hotels, and restaurants to enjoy your stay.


The northern part of the country close to Sweden provides a coastline that ends in two seas, the North Sea and the Baltic sea, meeting but not blending. This incredible phenomenon of the two seas not mixing is due to different levels of density, temperature, and salinity in the waters, which creates a barrier keeping the beautiful seas apart. You can sunbathe or enjoy the sandy beaches and even meet some seals.
Denmark is a country with beautiful beaches and coastlines. Mons klint, located on Mon’s small island, is a coastline of chalk cliffs, and it is a top pick to go hiking.

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For those who tend to be reconnected with nature, Norway fjords should be the top priority. The best places to go hiking are Preikestolen, Hornelen, and Trolltunga. Preikestolen is a majestic cliff with a steep drop of 600 meters down to sea level. The other two Hornelen and Trolltunga hikes rise even higher above the sea and provide stunning sights and views.
The north of Norway is magnificent to hang out with arctic animals. Lofoten or Tromso are the perfect spots to go whale watching and book a private boat to guide you and have the exclusive experience of seeing the beautiful animals jump out of water.

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Sweden is a country full of forests and a fantastic archipelago surrounding the capital city. This Scandinavian nation has thousands of coastal islands and inland lakes and vast boreal forests, and glaciated mountains. The Swedish archipelago is consisted out of rock formations and cliffs, and a private boat can get you a tour through the 30.000 islands called Venice of Scandinavia.
And, of course, you might have the chance to spot the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis. This magical phenomenon will make you believe that high powers exist somewhere on this planet. Visiting Scandinavia does not always mean that you will see these green rays dancing over the night sky. Still, if you are traveling from November till March, there is at least a possibility that mother nature will fulfill your wishes to be a part of this magical phenomenon.

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