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Hotel Hochschober

Hotel Hochschober appears to be a building straight out of a dream. Located atop Lake Turracher in Carinthia and surrounded by the Nockberg Mountains, this scenic Austrian resort is the ultimate vacation getaway.

What makesHochschrober stand out are its picturesque location, magnificent interior, and fascinating history. Run by the same family since 1929, the hotel offers a homely feel while providing all the comforts and conveniences its distinguished patrons demand. Hochschrober is the resort of choice for the adventurous traveller looking for a full experience of the Austrian countryside, as well as the comfort of a luxurious spa and five-star service.

The hotel offers a wealth of entertainment options for its guests, from writing and painting workshops, to yoga classes in the China Tower with a special Eastern touch for those craving an authentic experience, and a variety of fun activities for your whole family to indulge in.


Hochschrober is renowned for its exclusive spa and wellness centre that offers a wide array of bespoke services, each one designed to nurture, nourish and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. The spa offers soothing massages, such as the Haki or Ayurvedi, as well as a special Sea Bath that lets you take a refreshing dip in the heated waters of the lake.

The interior is opulent and extravagant without being gaudy and exudes an imposing sense of authority and intrigue. Each suite is elegantly fitted in contemporary colours, fabrics and lighting, a comfortable and relaxing cocoon where guests can indulge themselves to the utmost.

Given the Hochschrober’s alpine location, iron, stone and wood dominate the décor and enhance the hotel’s aesthetic appeal.
Its exclusive design, inimitable ambiance and captivating setting all combine to promise you a truly diverse holiday experience that you would rarely find elsewhere.