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Lanserhof Lans

Lanserhof Lans located amidst the majestic mountains of the Alps, in the exquisite city of Tyrol is the world’s leading holistic, healing spa and resort – LanserhofLans.

Since the year 1974, this resort has used naturopathy science and the knowledge of the modern medicine to revitalize the mind, body, and soul.LanserhofLans features a range of trained specialists and fully qualified doctors to adhere to your specific needs so that you will be able to live a more zestful life.

Amongst LanserhofLans’ various services, complementary therapy & holistic healing has ensured its esteemed list clients to return back to this peaceful haven.

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Since it works on the principle of combining various branches of medicine, this approach not only treats various bodily irregularities but also promotes balanced mental health. Other services offered include nutritional therapy, kinesiology therapy, detox therapy, dermatologic and cosmetics therapy and stress management therapy.

The picturesqueLanserhofLans Spa and Resort, surrounded by mountains, emanates a sense of tranquility that resonates within the spa rooms, suites, and apartments.

As per its new health packages, the metabolic 10 days and destress 7 days packages provide with a much-needed tending that will leave feeling unwound, stress-free and energetic to take on the world.