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Hotel Principe di Savoia

Hotel Principe di Savoia is one of the finest luxury hotels in Milan; it is a literal embodiment of the city’s true spirit, standing proud as a fabulous symbol of luxury and elegance. This should come as no surprise considering it’s a part of the Dorchester Collection, a family of some of the finest luxury hotels across Europe, and in the USA.

The Hotel Principe di Savoia’s design is a successful marriage of modern luxury and traditional local designs. This class approach to glamour has breathed life into the walls of the establishment.

The suites at the hotel have simple, bold tones – you’ll see brave combinations of red with different shades of white and cream falling into each other, in a clash that can’t help but produce something marvelous.

The soft chairs with elegant footrests are the perfect place to relax and read a book or magazine. The terrace view provides an excellent sight of the city, especially at night, when Milan is bathed in beautiful lights.

Once you arrive at the Savoia, you most certainly won’t want to leave, except perhaps for a shopping spree. The hotel does an excellent job of spoiling and pampering its guests – be it through their excellent, inviting rooms, tantalizing cuisine, or spa treatments. The spa doubles as a beauty center and caters to all your relaxation and rejuvenation needs – from special body treatments to professional waxing.

The Savoia is home to the Acanto Restaurant, a fine dining haven offering a multi-sensory gourmet experience.

The Acanto’s menu boasts what can only be justly described as an ‘evolving menu’, courtesy of its young, talented Head Chef, Alessandro Buffolino, who exercises his unique take on Italian Cuisine.

You’ll be treated to a variety of traditional delicacies, each with their twist and remarkable presentation.

The Hotel Principe di Savoia is a top pick amongst Milan’s finest hotels, and its excellent service has made it a favorite for many tourists.