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Hotel Sacher Wien

Hotel Sacher Wien the five-star hotel of Hotel Sacher Wien is located in the beauteous city of Austria, Vienna.

Featuring an admirably meticulous blend of the classic European architecture with a state of the art style of living, the Hotel Sacher Wien is among Europe’s most luxurious hotels to stay at.

As per its historical and local standing, the Hotel Sacher Wien offers an unprecedented living standard, fully accoutered with a hundred and forty-nine suites.

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The traditional European culture adorning these lavish rooms and suites is intermixed with today’s world’s modernity such that staying at Hotel Sacher Wien becomes an experience quite unforgettable. Its wide cast of suites has played host to numerouspopular figures like Queen Elizabeth, Indira Gandhi and Sir John F. Kennedy, all of whom have described their stay at Hotel Sacher Wien quite remarkable.

This hotel also features an exquisite range of both national and international cuisines. Hotel Sacher Wien’s cafes serve the best Austrian coffee along with their signature Sacher Torte rendering your visit to Vienna completely fruitful.

The Sacher Boutique Spa offers a wonderful relaxing experience through a range of various spa treatments and Sacher’s fully equipped fitness center will help maintain your workout regimen as well.