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Chalet Chic

Chalet Chic what sounds better than a honeymoon holiday deep in the mountains? Nothing of course! The Aadla Walser chalet village is located on the Arlberg, in the village of Schröcken, providing clients with the ultimate honeymoon experience.

Our chalets are the perfect option for couples looking for a romantic and luxurious yet minimalistic holiday. With a supreme immersion in nature, alpine foods and natural architecture, the chalets maintain an ambiance of grace, style and class that is almost dream-like.

Big, airy rooms built in natural wood and stone, adorned with minimalistic traditional styles overlook large balconies and terraces that provide breath-taking views of the mountain slopes and valleys.

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Crackling fireplaces, and a pampering room service that offers you premium cuisines from all around the world, seal the deal on the already exquisite package! And this is not all; the location provides you great access to outdoor activities.

Hiking, mountain climbing, skiing, biking and more are available for the ones with an adventurous streak.

For the relaxing moments, soak into hot baths laden with special herbal blends straight from the mountains! Enjoy the perfect honeymoon or a family holiday at one of our chalets –you are sure to leave with memories of ultimate pampering!