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Lexus Yachts Coming Soon

Lexus Yachts Coming Soon are typically luxury automobiles, used for relaxation and adventure by the world’s more affluent population. Luxury auto brands have experimented with yacht designs over the years, and Lexus has decided to jump right in with its own, fresh concept –the Sport Yacht.

The design has already received widespread recognition and was awarded by Japan’s “Boat of the Year” association, in Yokohama during the Japan International Boat Show.

Lexus Yachts Coming Soon

Some automobile companies have put forth their luxury yacht designs, but what sets Lexus ahead is how they’ve taken the plunge and put their design up for production. The design which is headed towards production will be larger and more luxurious than the original concept.

Boasting 65ft space, with below-deck staterooms, the automobile will comfortably accommodate 15 guests, plus staff.

Lexus Yachts Coming Soon

Boat owners will have the option to integrate their yacht with their mobile devices, courtesy of Lexus’s Mobility Services Platform. This will grant the owner with control over maintenance, diagnostics and most importantly, security. The Lexus yachts will certainly inspire a world of new possibilities for future yacht ventures. Furthermore, the auto brand’s dive into the boating sector with its sport yacht design suggests a new future in lifestyle marketing for them.

Lexus isn’t the only brand looking to hit the boating sector strong and hard. Auto manufacturers are branching out into different sectors to meet the demands of their overlapping audiences, which is exactly what Lexus has done through its launch of the sport yacht.

Other manufacturers are also looking into branching out – Rolls Royce, for example, is one of many automakers that is considering the yacht industry. Bugatti released a limited-edition vessel, as a starting point for its partnership with the yacht manufacturing brand, Palmer Johnson. This was also a clear demonstration of the influence auto brands have in the yachting industry.

For automakers to keep up with their competition, they must innovate and branch out. Lexus is boldly doing just that – and other top auto brands are soon to follow suit.