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Top 9 Michelin Star Restaurants When In Mallorca

Top 9 Michelin Star Restaurants When In Mallorca For those traveling to Mallorca, it is a must that you try out the incredible regional Spanish cuisine of this beautiful Balearic Island made by the best of the best. Local Mallorca food, mostly based on pork, fish and vegetables with generous helpings of olive oil and garlic, is rooted in local tradition and made from the incredible ingredients found on the island.

Michelin Star restaurants in Mallorca would allow you to experience Spanish cuisine at its best; you must look out for the top nine, mentioned below.

1. Zaranda

Owned by Chef Fernando Pérez Arellano and located in the luxury 5-star Castell Son Claret hotel in Es Capdellà, Zaranda is the only two Michelin Star restaurant in Mallorca. Inspired by traditional Mallorquin recipes and induced with local flavors, it features four tasting menus with incredible wine pairings and a sophisticated interior to ease you into its innovative Spanish delights.

2. Andreu Genestra Restaurant

Located in Hotel Predí Son Jaumell, most of its recipes are prepared using local produce from the hotel’s gardens. Being a Mallorquin by birth, Chef Andreu Genestra ensures that you can able to enjoy the cuisine of his land with some innovative modern flavors. With one Michelin star, this restaurant offers two tasting menus with five or eight courses, and a complete ten-course menu with wine pairing as well.

3. Jardin

This beautiful restaurant located in the northern coastal town of Port Alcudia features the success story of the first female Michelin star holder, Macarena de Castro. The incredible cuisine, featuring flavors from the mountains, sea, and forests of Mallorca, is a treat for all.

4. Adrian Quetglas Restaurant

Located in Palma, Adrian Quetglas ensures that his restaurant not only offers a fine dining experience but allows you to experience both personality and temptation in all his dishes. It is a treat for all those who love contemporary food and want to a five-course lunch menu or even a fortnightly changing seven-course culinary delight.

5. Bou Restaurant

After being awarded a Michelin star award for 15 consecutive years, Bou Restaurant should be a go-to restaurant for all those visiting Mallorca. Chef Tomeu Caldentey ensures that everyone is can enjoy the traditional Mallorca cuisine with an inventive twist. Bou Restaurant allows its customers three different acts: white sofas on the first-floor terrace, seated inside the kitchen, and the conventional table sitting in the restaurant.

6. Argos

Located in Port de Pollença, Argos offers traditional, seasonal recipes with creative gastronomy. The Head Chef Andalucian Álvaro Salazar, a winner of the San Pellegrino Young Chef’s award in 2016 and a finalist for Best Chef of 2018, has a free-style approach to cooking, where all his incredible recipes are aimed towards enhancing your overall experience in Mallorca. The restaurant also offers three degustation menus, Argos, Travesia and Marriage, all enriched with incredible flavors.

7. Restaurant Es Fum

Es Fum, headed by Chef Miguel Navarro, is often described as the culinary pearl. It is located in the prestigious St Regis Mardavall hotel resort and features an elegant yet innovative approach to cooking. Es Fum offers seasonal dinner menus only. Most dishes are a surprise for people who select courses based on ingredients only. The whole ambiance of the place, the presentation of the dishes as well as the combination of saltiness, sweetness and freshness in all Es Fum recipes allow an incredible gustatory experience in every bite.

8. Marc Fosh

Located in a 17th-century mansion in Palma, Marc Fosh translates the combined traditional and modern experience found in the setting, into its recipes as well. The British Chef Marc Fosh is a star, who ensures that his dishes are not only delicious but healthy as well. Hence, the creative modern Mediterranean cuisine by Marc Fosh includes fresh, seasonal ingredients, and most importantly herbs.

9. Es Racó d’es Teix

Located in a stone building in Deiá, Es Racó d’es Teix is a one Michelin star restaurant run by an incredible German chef, Josef Sauerschell. By mixing local ingredients and the traditional Mallorquin cuisine with gastronomic innovation, Es Racó d’es Teix offers all those visiting Dela the best experience. The restaurant is one of the most romantic ones located in a hideaway location, featuring one of the most defined, fresh and exquisite flavors of Mallorca.

Hence, all those visiting Mallorca must definitely try out these incredible Michelin-starred restaurants that Mallorca has to offer.

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