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Luxury Hotel the Fontenay Hamburg Germany

Luxury Hotel the Fontenay Hamburg Germany

The Fontenay Hamburg Germany is a tailor-made hotel to suit the needs of the national and international visitors who come to explore Hamburg. It represents and reflects modern Hamburg- open-minded, cosmopolitan, and exceptionally welcoming.


Hamburg -based shipbroker John Fontenay, back in 1816 in this unique plot of land on the magnificent shores of the Alster Lake in the heart of the city, set the stones of today’s Lakeside Luxury at its most beautiful-The Fontenay Hotel.

It becomes the perfect urban escape with fascinating architecture evolving from three fusing circles-light, organically shaped mirrors of the lake and surrounding parkland. It creates an ideal balance between nature and urbanity.

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The 130 rooms and suites offer timeless elegance. The flood of light with the floor-to-ceiling windows creates a sense of space, and the private balconies balance the enjoyment between outside and indoors, creating a unique living experience.

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