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Puresleben has a unique take on the concept of a vacation. Found in the beautiful southern area of Styria and just a short drive from Graz, this quite luxury allows guests to rent out modern built houses on a weekly or daily basis.

The detached homes themselves are built with a contemporary twist to them, incorporating both natural beauty that surrounds it and lavish amenities that come with your own holiday home.

These comfortable luxury residences are located in between vineyards, to give a picturesque scene for you to gaze upon.


Each home is equipped with an indoor sauna and an outdoor swimming pool. The main attraction in this stunning resort is the inclusion of nature with comfortable yet modern living. The houses are themed to coordinate with the landscaping and weather. You can feast on delicacies by taking a stroll to Styria as it offers only the finest and freshest produce, which can be readily available at your kitchen.

The resort also offers breakfast trips with a convertible of your choice, cooking classes with professionals, hiking excursions and many other fun activities.

So take the trip of a lifetime and escape into the decadent art of living at the PureLesban.