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Das Almdorf

Das Almdorf when you’re looking for respite from modern day life, Das Almdorf Natural Hotel proves to be the best option.

Located in a charming little chalet village, on the lush green plateaus of Nock Mountains, the hotel is your perfect gateway into the natural, traditional world of chalet villages spiced up with the luxurious and amenities of modern day life. Book yourself some fairy-tale luxury cottages, or stay the night in the sprawling natural hotel building –both will provide an immersion into nature and take you in with a dreamy spin.

The hotel also provides you direct access to the rich community life of Das Almdorf chalet village which is steeped in natural traditions, healthy food and drink and soul-touching art.

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Das Almdorf prides itself in being an eco-friendly village. We revere nature, harmony and mother earth. Our natural hotels aim to join you in harmony and togetherness with Mother Nature. Our facilities are richly equipped with spas full of natural products and our pure blends of herbal baths aim to provide you with dreamy relaxing moments.

Das Almdorf also overlooks some great hiking trails and beauteous valleys which provide ample options for outdoor ventures!