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Savvy: The Bespoke Boat Bringing Luxury of the Oceans to European Rivers

If you are an avid yachting enthusiast and own a glamorous superyacht to satiate your desire to sail away in the ocean’s pristine setting, you would understand the limitations that can appear with it.

Such an elaborate yachting experience can prove to be an arduous proposition for the European river system’s shallow bridged nature. And this aspect can certainly appear to be a significant hindrance if you are planning to enjoy the exquisite architecture and the lights of Paris or Vienna or any of your top of the list destination in Europe that happens to be on the banks of the inland water channels.

Understanding this minute detail, what you desire at this point is the laid-back journeying across the shallow river channels, where you get to absorb the exclusive beauty of the urban infrastructure while getting to firmly acquaint yourself with the unique proposition of ferrying in an absolute bespoke yacht setting.

Envisioning such an enthralling supposition, the Dutch superyacht yard Hakvoort, in collaboration with a British superyacht specialists H2Design, conceived Savvy in 2004, an exclusive barge designed purposefully for the well-known British entrepreneur Peter de Savary.

This was thoroughly manufactured with one motive, to furnish a luxury experience for the owner while sophistically inheriting the exclusive element of super-yachting adventures and marrying it astutely with the prospect of cruising in the narrow-bridged waters of inland Europe.

Certainly, this luxury superyacht barge has sumptuously accompanied de Savary in his European escapades since its procurement in 2016, accompanying him as a friend that ensures both luxury and comfort of the highest order.

The barge’s luxury profile is adorned with sophisticated accommodations, involving a frontal teak-designed board housing contemporary features like the stylish jacuzzi and a well-furnished dining and lounge area that is both airy and neatly designed.

Besides the lounge is the deck, which has a wide owner stateroom in the boat’s bow. The deck further leads to the corridor inside, which extends to a double-bed cabin and a study that also has a bed for resting and leisure.

The helm station at the stern of the barge follows in the spacious capacity of the lounges, giving a full view of the surroundings to ensure that you not only cherish driving this sumptuous yacht but also readily absorb the unique spectacles of the urban cities that you visit along with your escapades. 

Along with these bespoke features adorning the boat’s luxury profile, what distinguishes the barge from other yachts in its category is the immense differentiating appeal of its size, which is truly a pleasant surprise.

Most of the canal yachts are designed under 40 feet, ensuring that they offer the affordability of cruising in the narrow water channels commonly found inland.

However, Savvy has been artfully created in the generous stretch of 97 feet, giving it the feature of length that conveniently houses all the luxury additions that one can envision with a super yachting experience. Further supporting a draft of under 4 feet and a fine 15-foot beam, the 180-ton steel yacht has the seamless physical stature to conveniently traverse even the insane depths of the famed French canal system.

While the size may be a surprising element for the super barge Savvy, the power to direct the yacht has been kept in terms with the other canal boats. This, however, still trumps the 4mph limit that is typically observed with barges.

Savvy makes the careful use of a diesel-electric hybrid propulsion system, which profoundly features two big Northern Lights generators. These powerful mechanical components are adequate to charge a huge store of batteries, ensuring that it has enough power to galvanize a 110-kW electric motor.

The bespoke boat can acquire a speed of 6mph, which has every potential to hit the 8-mph mark when deemed necessary. However, the speed limit may not be as lucrative as that of the glamorous superyachts that graciously roam the oceanic channels, considering that the barge has to cope with the shallow features of the inland water stretches.

Moreover, the inherent focus of this exclusive barge’s creation has been to furnish a flawless cruising experience like none other, while ensuring a speed that essentially imbues preference on the journey itself and not the destination.

This one-of-a-kind barge has been listed with the broker Peter Insull with a price tag of about $2.7 million. Hence, if you aspire to enjoy the unique beauty of the European spectacle, now is the time to invest and ensure that your inland yachting becomes genuinely savvy.

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