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Schlosshotel Mondsee

Schlosshotel Mondsee if you have ever dreamt of a wedding or a honeymoon at a historic castle, Schloss Hotel Mondsee is the place for you.

Laden with the romantic touch of the past, the Austrian Castle Hotel of Schloss Hotel Mondsee provides you with a fairy tale destination for your wedding or honeymoon holiday.

The castle gives off a distinctly royal feeling. The pristine interiors, regal architecture and lush gardens allow you to feel truly special on your special holiday.


And this is not all, the hotel overlooks the beautiful Lake Mondsee –which acts as the perfect getaway spot when the two of you need some quite, nature and romance! Sail in the romantic Mondsee boats or walk along the lake holding hands –the feeling never gets old!

The castle hotel is also known for unique cuisines. Enjoy luxurious candle-lit dinners in the royal dining halls or out in the fairy-tale gardens. And if you want to top it up with a fancy massage or a spa treatment, that is available as well! Focusing on soulful, detailed experiences, Schloss Hotel Mondsee seeks to build memories for life –the kind that stay etched I your mind as you celebrate your umpteenth wedding anniversary!