The Exclusive Ralph Lauren Polo Bar

The Exclusive Ralph Lauren Polo Bar, the popular figure of the fashion world has branched out his first exclusive restaurant in New York City known as the “Pool Bar”. When one thinks of Ralph Lauren, what comes to mind? Of course luxuriously tailored clothing items, vibrant collections of the iconic polo shirts or perhaps images of various A-listed celebrities gracefully carrying his designs. However, the designer has shown his versatility by creating an entire empire for all the sybarites out there.

The high-end fashion designer has not only indulged in designing chic clothing items but has also delved into other projects such as fragrances, automobiles and has now successfully paved his way towards the eateries.

Lauren has created a well-known reputation in fashion history and continues being one of the topmost posh and sensational fashion designers in the world up to this day. Having said that, he has not only assisted today’s leading stars but also various political candidates including Hillary Clinton herself while also successfully dressing the first lady, Melania Trump without causing any controversial conflicts. Notably, he has become an influential figure in pop culture today.

From Kanye West to Rihanna – who is a regular customer in Ralph’s new Polo Bar in Manhattan, he has created immense brand loyalty amongst various Hollywood stars.

The new Polo Bar has turned into a symbol of extravagance and with its antique New York allure and exclusiveness; the restaurant became the talk of the town real quick. The gleaming dim light shining on top of the vintage interior gives the restaurant a very clubby vibe. It’s simple yet looks as if it’s engulfed in fanciness and splendor leaving the guests in awestruck wonder. Tradition would be an appropriate word to describe the interior although to be exact, it’s tradition but with a bit of a twist to it. Its timeless class shines because of its originality. By the looks, it seems very familiar and known yet it’s something not seen in any other restaurant on the bustling streets of Manhattan.

It is safe to say that we live in an era where less is more and anyone who demonstrates the old and original in today’s modern society is automatically praised for possessing an artistically creative vision and also for keeping the old traditions and culture alive.

Similarly, the vintage aspect of the Polo Bar with its touch of modern extravagance attracts many looking for luxury combined with grace. Their classic servings fused with Ralph’s sense of sophistication create the perfect combination of authentic American cuisine.

The restaurant looks like anything taken from an old film, showcasing the elite lifestyle of that time. With its old-school designed bar and walls and ceilings entirely made of wood, it is no surprise that the furniture also complements the restaurant’s décor, complying with an old-fashioned polo theme.

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