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The Ritz Carlton Yacht Collection

The Ritz Carlton Yacht Collection is one of the most prestigious luxury hotel chains in the world. The company boasts ownership of an impressive 91 hotels and resorts, across 30 countries and different territories. For years, the chain has been a symbol of opulence and lavish indulgence. Recently, the company has ventured into a new branch of luxury: yachts. It is the first luxury hotel brand to venture its services into the seas.

While you cannot currently avail of the services of the Ritz Carlton’s yacht collection, you can most certainly get your reservation and be the first to experience it. The Ritz Carlton lavish sea homes will be making their debut in 2020. The Carlton yacht collections are appealing for guests primarily because of how well they blend adventure with a relaxing cultural experience; travelers from all around will be able to explore the world while enjoying all the comforts that the lavish vehicles have to offer.

The onboard guests can enjoy various voyage options that will be available to them once the service is launched, and reservations in advance can be made now.

These adventures will take you to the waters of the Caribbean and the Mediterranean Sea. The innovative “Find a Cruise” feature allows potential customers to view fare and suite information, and even virtually explore the yachts.

Naturally, the yachts themselves boast the highest level of sleek luxury and unparalleled elegance, as is the norm for the Ritz hotels. The custom-designed mobile water homes will accommodate almost 300 passengers, courtesy of 149 suites, each with their own personal terrace. The Ritz Carlton collaborated with a prestigious Swedish design firm, Tilburg Design, to further develop a 158 square-meter area for lavish Owner’s suites, each boasting a private whirlpool of their own. Guests will have a number of onboard entertainment options and activities to keep themselves relaxed and fulfilled; WiFi and water sports are also included.

For an additional fee, guests can avail of the ultimately culinary experience from the onboard signature restaurant, Aqua, designed by the Michelin-starred chef Sven Elverfeld. Spa treatments and diving opportunities can also be separately availed.

The Ritz Carlton is a luxury brand that enjoys the trust and enthusiasm of its customers, and thus, high expectations are set for the launch of their luxury yacht collection. From what we can see, though, it’s far from likely to disappoint.