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Truffle Hunting in Tuscany

Striking green trees intertwined with pine forests, olive groves, and vineyards – Tuscany is home to various exotic fruits that we have all been wanting to try at least once. Though you might be wondering, they are just fruits, they’re probably easily available. Well, stop right in your tracks because the fruity tale that we’re about to narrate is going to compel you into setting off on a wondrous journey of your own.

When talking about exotic fruits, one ponders over several options – Dragon Fruit, Guava, Passion Fruit, Durian, and the list goes on. However, one that takes the trophy for being the most exclusive of all, hidden within the crevices of graceful Italy, is the Truffle.

Traveling and discovering all the veiled secrets about a new place is undoubtedly an exciting experience. Yet still, some crave an adventure that’s even more enthralling and one restrained by certain limitations that makes it all the more exhilarating. Traveling through the dark depths of Tuscany’s natural landscape and discovering Truffles is one such experience.

Historically, Truffles were adored by the Romans for their aphrodisiac quality. Today, top chefs from around the world use its exclusive essence to add nuance to the taste of their dishes. Some of these delicacies are so luxurious that their value is measured in gold. Clearly, it is not something to miss out on so grab your essentials and let’s begin hunting!

Keeping every ounce of trust in your truffle hunter, you set off in absolute discretion and secrecy to unveil the unusual specialty behind a fruit that has kept all of us in a curious frenzy. Commonly, truffle hunters keep their locations a secret and hunt at night. Though the choice of this time isn’t to mask their movements, but only because a truffle’s scent is way stronger in darkness, making it easier for truffle dogs to accurately spot its location. Hence, like some top-secret mission, you follow along the path paved by your truffle hunter and the truffle dog to some unknown paradise of tropical treasures.

Interestingly enough, originally, truffles were hunted for by pigs because of the main assumption that the scent of truffles is similar to the pheromone of a male pig. However, it wasn’t long before that got debunked since it hardly ever worked out. Also, carrying around a dog is much easier than a pig anyway!

Coming back to our peculiar discovery tale, the truffle dogs manage to find Tuscany’s greatest treasure in no time. So, the truffle hunting in Tuscany is quick and rewarding. But don’t go around hunting on your own unless you know a local or hire a truffle hunter. The thought of going truffle hunting all alone or with a few of your friends does sound like an invigorating experience, I will not disagree with you there. However, it is an impossible journey especially if you are not even familiar with Italy’s terrain. Hunting with additional help is much better because you can skip out on all the additional headaches and jump right into the good part.

Truffles may not look like the most appealing fruit but only after you taste it will you understand the truth behind “judging a book by its cover” is the frailest idiom.

But what makes truffles such a delicacy and integral ingredient in fine-dining? More than musky smell it exudes, truffles have a distinct taste. Pair them with cheese, pasta, and roasted chicken, and your taste buds will travel to some intergalactic universe! If previously you were on the fence about your decision to get yourself some truffles, we bet after reading this, you’ve already started packing your bags.

According to a Grecian philosophers, Zeus threw a thunderbolt on an oak tree and that created truffles. And if you’ve tasted them, you’ll agree that it has to have come directly from the Heavens.