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The 59th Venice Biennale – The Milk of Dreams

Italy is a country of cultural heritage, historical importance, and most importantly, artistic grandeur. Each year, the most anticipated art exhibition makes its comeback in the heart of artistic magnificence – Italy. As far as history takes us, we’ve seen art being a major characteristic of Italy’s culture, adding nuance to its social fabric. Nations from all over the world represent their symbolically significant art pieces to increase global exposure for their artists. These past two years, the Covid-19 situation deemed it impossible to organize an event of such mass, hence after what seems like a decade, the 59th edition of Biennale is taking us to yet another galaxy, full of diverse cultural colors within the historical Venice.

Three years ago, The 58th edition of the Biennale opened in May of 2019, featuring 72 artists in “May You Live In Interesting Times”, each exhibiting unique stories in regally alluring ways. Having women dominate half of the submissions to Central Pavilion and Corderie dell’Arsenale for the first time in history, it comes off as no surprise that the 58th Biennale was one for the books. What was exceptional were the artists singularly depicting their perspectives on the doom of mankind instead of following along with similar expressions. As such, the Switzerland-based contemporary artist, Christoph Büchel, shot the competition through the roof with his unforgettable work of art representing all the lives lost in the 2015 Mediterranean shipwreck disaster.

This year, the exhibition is scheduled from the 23rd of April to November 27, and the anticipation has never been this great before. Taking place in the Central Pavilion, over 213 artists from 58 countries are joining the exhibition for the first time. Some of these include Uganda, Sultanate of Oman, Nepal, Namibia, and the Republic of Cameroon. Evidently, diversity is a major aspect of the Venice Biennale and also one of the many reasons why it is held in such high regard all over the world. In essence, the theme for this year corresponds to ‘The Milk of Dreams’ by Leonora Carrington, taking otherworldly creatures as friends on a mythical journey through the multiformity of mankind. Participants are allowed to dive into a universe where they can create a world of themselves, full of creations from their wildest imaginary dreams.

The Venice Biennale Art Exhibition acts as an ode to the field of art, allowing aspiring artists to contribute their most vulnerable selves and honest hearts to the center of artistic integrity – Italy.