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The woman’s passion has always been shopping. A pair of new high heels and luxurious handbags can brighten your day.


In fashion, world handbags play an essential role in making the outfit look impeccable. It’s the must-have accessory for every woman. Due to that point, designers are competing fiercely to satisfy consumer’s needs. Even the luxury handbag brands realized that selling their bags in stores is ancient history. With the expansion of the internet and online shopping, they have been implementing new strategies in bringing the products close to the consumer. So a modern woman is just a click away from her favorite designer handbag.

Designer handbags represent an ideal deal for the lady who is passionate about style and quality. A lady who wants to stand out from the crowd and look in her best; she is always in search of the latest trends and is ready to make a valuable investment for a handbag. The latest trends in 2020, show us several different styles and materials that designers go for it.

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The latest trend in handbags is puffy pouches. The puffy pouch is a gathered strapless leather handbag generally carried under the arms or by hand. The bag is minimalist, cool, and incredibly stylish. Its popularity has grown up, and the designers have created variations of puffy pouches in different colors and shapes.



AS for healthy living and eating healthy food, living green became a trend almost everywhere. Even the products that we purchase have to have natural elements. The brands have understood this concept. Using bamboo is a common earthy material, and it is currently used in making handles. The style is classy and gives a unique structure to the handbag.



Lately, a lot of women are inspired by the outfits back in the ’60s. So vintage-inspired handbags are making their big door comeback in the 21st century. Brands are making vintage-inspired handbags, bright-colored flap, or shoulder bags with structured silhouettes to be a show stopper.


For a more casual look to be worn in boardroom or going to the beach are very popular these days. Known as basket bags, they provide a very casual look. For more formal events, the straw handbags are manufactured with other elevated materials such as woven leather to suit the occasion. They come in a variety of styles and shapes.



Most young ladies are going by the trend to “think outside the box.” Going by the trend, trying to evade formal behavior and be rebellious one, it’s perfectly normal to adorn a circle-shaped bag to a gala dinner without drawing attention. The structured shapes such as trapeze, rectangular, and circle create a handbag that is desired by many women.

Nevertheless, whatever is your preference, designers are trying to satisfy everybody’s needs and desires. It is up to you to choose your perfect piece, to look stylish and at your best.

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