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With the COVID-19 situation dominating the spectacle, the global economy has been battered by the restrictions on social interaction. The relationship with customers is at the heart of every business, especially the services that conspicuously rely on tourism. Luxury services are a prominent component of tourism-driven businesses and have been almost overwhelmed by the present circumstances. However, adapting to the situation is what the success stories revolve around.HARRODS LONDON LOOKS TOWARDS 'PERSONAL SHOPPING' FOR ITS CUSTOMERS 1Acknowledging the gravity of the situation, luxury brand Harrods London has decided to apply the principle of improvisation in an effort to reverse the negative impact on its business. The store has decided to consolidate its relationship with its most valued customers by presenting them with the exclusive facility of personal shopping during the phase of restrictions on the regular business routine. 

The service which is being labeled as ‘remote clienteling’ would involve the staff members at the famed Knightsbridge store collecting orders from the stores’ prized clients over messaging or telephone. The devised plan would require a small group of the retailers’ 5000 staff strength to execute and would be implemented as per the social distancing practices.

The spokesperson for the brand iterated the idea behind the step to the newspaper and said, ‘We are taking this opportunity to explore, to test and to learn how we as a business adapt to changing circumstances. But every decision we make will be guided by our commitment to safety.’ He further added, ‘We are exploring technology to scale as required ahead of being able to phase to inviting customers back in store.’

Harrods have further stated that the next phase would likely see customers permitted to return to departments of the store where it would be convenient to practice social distancing.

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