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Best 12 Luxury Concierge Services In The World

The Most Exclusive Experiences The Best 12 Luxury Concierge Services In The World

The Best 12 Luxury Concierge Services In The World is on the rise. With the development of digital as well as the need for experiences over possession, modern concierge business are radically advancing to deliver remarkable solutions 24/7 to their affluent customers.

Modern upscale ladies and also men recognize that time is their most valuable source. When you’re constantly attached and on the go, your time is the one point you can never return.

To assist you conserve time and also get blessed accessibility to private occasions that cash can’t purchase, a high-end concierge is your ideal friend. It’s your secret weapon to open a globe of exclusive experiences as well as VIP events.

Looking for a final private jet to take you from New York City to Miami over the weekend? No worry! Passing away to get a front-row seat at the next Oscar event? Done! Wishing to attempt the new Michelin star dining establishment in London? Your table is reserved for this night. It’s very easy.

Well, virtually that simple. You initially need to find the luxury concierge service that’s right for you.

To aid you to discover the very best way of living concierge to fit your needs, we’re evaluating the leading 11 concierge business worldwide. Before delving into the real checklist, we’ll quickly consider just What is a luxury concierge. We’ll inform you why they could be relevant to you, and also more significantly, what you must take notice of when picking your Best Luxury Concierge Services In The World.Best 11 Luxury Concierge Services In The WorldWhat is a luxury concierge?

A concierge is a person or a firm that is offered to assist you in your everyday life. Their services can range from planning as well as scheduling your family members vacations to make restaurant appointments or getting you accessibility to unique occasions. Some concierge businesses also give monetary services. Others might focus on event organization or high-end traveling bookings.

Words attendant most likely comes from the old French word “comte des cierges.” The comte des cierges were a servant responsible for maintaining the lights as well as the tidiness of medieval palaces.

Today’s concierge services prolong far past simply keeping your candle lights lit. Attendants are highly competent individuals that can include genuine worth to your life by taking care of some vital and also time-consuming jobs for you. They also have a substantial network to aid you to obtain VIP access to several of the most ultra-exclusive events and also experiences around the globe.

In general, you’ll find two classifications of attendant solutions today:

Personal concierge solutions: if you want to work with the services of an attendant on your own.

Company concierge services: if a company intends to give attendant solutions to its staff members as an extra advantage.


Why do you require a premium attendant?

Not every person needs a luxury concierge. Some individuals like to take care of every aspect of their life themselves. But if you’re as well hectic and also want to contract out some tasks, an individual attendant makes a great deal of feeling.

There are three main reasons for rich people to sign up for a luxury attendant service:

To save time;

To obtain special accessibility to exclusive occasions thanks to the concierge’s network;

To outsource time-consuming and also repeated tasks.

Continue analysis if one of these three factors appeals to

Just how to choose the most effective deluxe attendant for you?

There are many more attendant solutions available to you today than ever. While the series of options is great, it can be difficult to contrast solutions and recognize where their know-how truly exists. Here are three pointers to assist you to choose the most effective luxury attendant for you.

Know what you want your concierge to do

Before contrasting attendant firms, you first require to assume carefully concerning what it is you desire them to do for you. Are you seeking a basic way of life attendant? Or a company that is experts in arranging travel or dining experiences?

You’ll see in our list here that particular attendant companies specialize in particular locations. This provides a greater deepness of proficiency. However, you may feel restriction after a while if you want your attendant to tackle more the level of assistance that you desire

Some attendant firms are now offering the alternative to pick in between membership plans and also on-demand solutions.

Membership plans are the standard type of concierge support. You pay a monthly or yearly fee to be part of the attendant program. In exchange, you obtain 24/7 assistance from your attendant who will, in time, get to know you as well as anticipate your requirements.

On-demand attendant solutions are a brand-new sort of experience where you pay as you go. It’s even more transactional as well as concentrated on obtaining specific tasks done on an extra ad-hoc the geographical area of your attendant

Although many concierge businesses offer dedicated solution around the clock, their knowledge and network may not matter if you’re traveling throughout the world

Consider your way of living and decide if you choose an attendant with experience in a particular state or nation, or if you need the service of a global attendant firm with a network of workers across the world instead.

The 11 ideal high-end attendant solutions worldwide.

Now that you recognize what an attendant is, why you may require one, as well as how to pick the ideal one for you, allow’s check out the very best options available on the marketplace in 2019.

We have assessed the 11 best luxury concierge companies worldwide. The checklist is not a ranking from best to worst as each concierge is experts in a certain location. If they get on our checklist, it suggests that they offer exceptional value to their participants.

The Best 12 Luxury Concierge Services In The World Below:

1# Emporium-LifestyleBest 12 Luxury Concierge Services In The World


Ideal Luxury Concierge Services Emporium Lifestyle

Emporium Lifestyle started as a lifestyle magazine before evolving right into a premium concierge firm. Established by Riaan Kleynhans & Astrid M. Obert, Emporium Lifestyle caters to critical visitors seeking the most exclusive experiences. The team concentrates on curating unique high-end traveling experiences.

Coverage: Global

Solutions: travel and also property.


2. One Concierge


Finest Deluxe Attendant companies One Concierge – Emporium Magazine

One Attendant is the first deluxe attendant firm to supply both memberships as well as on-demand attendant services to its high-net-worth clients. With access to over 10,000 worldwide company, One Attendant has one of the most thorough and also exhaustive partnership programs in the industry. Each partner is handpicked as well as evaluated by their professionals to make certain that they meet one of the most demanding assumptions.

One Concierge takes care of attendant demands in more than 115 nations worldwide.

Insurance coverage: Global

Solutions: business, custom occasion organization, way of living, private aviation.

3. Pure Entertainment Group

Finest Luxury Concierge business Pure Enjoyment Team – Emporium Magazine

You could have seen some of the Pure Enjoyment Group’s work included in the New york city Times, Forbes, Elite Traveler Magazine or Robb Record. Pure Home Entertainment Team is a worldwide bespoke occasion monitoring as well as a luxury concierge company that was founded in 2007.

The company uses high quality, very tailored luxury attendant services to discerning high-net-worth and also ultra-high-net-worth individuals as well as companies around the world.

Insurance coverage: Global

Providers: eating, travel, distinct experiences, VIP accessibility, bespoke event organization, buying, transport, real estate.

4. The Fixer Way of life group

Best High-end Attendant business The Fixer – Emporium Magazine

The Fixer Way of the living team has over 12 years of experience handling UHNWIs and also HNWIs demands. Based in the UK, the group is experts in providing luxury concierge services such as high-end restaurant reservations and access to VIP occasions. Among their most typical requests from clients is to get access to sold-out programs such as the Paris Style Week, the Wimbledon last or Premier League matches.

Coverage: United Kingdom, Central Europe, UAE, and The United States And Canada

Providers: residence organizing, way of living solutions, appointments, ticketing as well as traveling.

5. John Paul Group

Best Luxury Concierge business John Paul – Emporium Magazine

Established in 2008 by David Amsellem, the John Paul Group is among the leaders in worldwide corporate concierge solutions. The group helps companies supply extraordinary services to both customers and staff members via loyalty programs.

Accor Hotels acquired John Paul Team in 2016 and also currently counts over 1,000 concierges throughout 12 different offices. Noteworthy demand that they actually could achieve: leasing a personal Caribbean island for a “Robinson Crusoe”- themed trip.

Protection: Global

Providers: Travel, dining, ticketing, shopping, wellness, everyday tasks, child care, car, events, real-estate, rare items, one-of-a-kind experiences.

6. Knightsbridge Circle

Finest Deluxe Concierge companies Knightsbridge Circle – Emporium Magazine

Started by 3 previous American Express Black Card workers, Knightsbridge Circle is an invitation-only premium personal concierge solution for the shows. With a customer base with an ordinary net worth of $800 million and also a subscription cost starting from $25,000, Knightsbridge Circle aids hectic people to conserve time and obtain unique invites.

The team assisted arrange a wedding oath renewal with the Pope as well as an exclusive dinner in front of The Last Supper of Leonardo da Vinci.

Coverage: Global

Providers: traveling, dining, exclusive jet, occasion accessibility, car, luxury yachts, education and learning, riches administration, bespoke event organization, real estate, health.

7. Speed Black

Ideal Luxury Attendant business Speed Black – Emporium Magazine

Velocity Black is among one of the most dynamic deluxe attendants on our list. They combine deep human proficiency with artificial intelligence to act as a way of life assistant that resides on your phone. Members get accessibility to complimentary upgrades and chosen rates to significant events, all at the press of a button.

Speed Black was founded in the United Kingdom by ex- Goldman Sachs Zia Yusuf and also Alex Macdonald with a group of ex-Amazon as well as ex-Uber execs. The concierge firm has already delivered over 50 thousand experiences throughout more than 60 nations.

Coverage: Global

Providers: travel, dining, occasion accessibility, wellness.


8. Skies Premium International

Ideal High-end Attendant firms Skies costs – Emporium Magazine

If you’re based in Japan or Singapore, Skies Premium International could be the very best regional high-end attendant service for you. With over 200 special brand name partners, the service assists you discover sought-after eating places as well as publication distinct holidays.

At the heart of their services is a combination of human know-how and technology to bring you handpicked suggestions every day.

Protection: Japan as well as Singapore

Services: travel, dining, shopping, wellness.

9. Nota Bene

Ideal Luxury Concierge firms Nota Bene – Emporium Magazine

Nota Bene started as a lifestyle magazine before evolving right into a premium concierge firm. Established by Anthony Lassman, Nota Bene caters to critical visitors seeking the most exclusive experiences. The team concentrates on curating unique high-end traveling experiences.

Coverage: Global

Solutions: travel and also property.

10. Bon Vivant

Best Deluxe Attendant companies Bon Vivant – Emporium Magazine

Started by travel fanatics Emyr Thomas, Bon Vivant is one of London’s leading attendants and way of life monitoring service with worldwide coverage. Their experience naturally depends on luxury traveling planning however also premium dining establishment bookings as well as access to specialists as well as sold-out events.

Insurance coverage: Global

Services: travel, dining, VIP accessibility as well as ticketing.

11. The Billionaire Attendant

Ideal Luxury Attendant business The Billionaire – Emporium Magazine

The Billionaire Concierge is an invitation-only premium deluxe concierge solution with workplaces mainly in Dubai, Hong Kong, London, Los Angeles, Monaco, Moscow and also Qatar. The business gives the high-end way of living solutions to its HNW members, including shopping for uncommon watches and also jewelry and star cook personal appointments.

Insurance coverage: Global

Solutions: fine art, travel, property, private yacht charters, jet charters, relocation, and purchasing.

best-luxury-concierge-service-hotel-emporium-magazine     Ideal Luxury Concierge solution resort – Emporium Magazine

Resources and further reading suggestions about high-end attendant services

We made use of some authoritative sources to assist us to create this overview of the luxury attendant business. We suggest that you read them if you wish to find out more about attendant services generally.

These are likewise excellent resources if you want to recognize a certain element of the way of living service sector or wish to remain up-to-date with the current fads:

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“Leading High-end Attendant Site For The Super-Rich”, by R.L. Adams, Forbes, November 14, 2016.

12# Quintessentially

best-luxury-concierge-companies-quintessentially-emporium-magazineBest Luxury Concierge companies On Emporium Magazine

Founded in 2000 by Ben Elliot, Paul Drummond as well as Aaron Simpson, Quintessentially is among the best-known luxury concierge firms on the planet. With over 60 offices across the globe and a group of more than 1,500 concierge professionals, Quintessentially is a leader in the global high-end way of living services.

With a typical client net worth of $36 million, Quintessentially attendants have satisfied some luxurious requests over the years. They’ve been able, as an example, to shut the Sydney Harbour Bridge for a wedding event proposition or to organize a personal dinner on an iceberg.

Coverage: Global

Services: Art, education and learning, realty, travel, personal purchasing, personal events and also celebrations, weddings and a glass of wine.

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