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The Kelly Hoppen and Luxury Yacht Affair

The Kelly Hoppen and Luxury Yacht Affair One of the most prestigious British Interior designers in the world, Kelly Hoppen, expanded her career into designing the three most dazzling yachts as part of her partnership with Pearl Motor Yachts. Known for her elegant style, Kelly Hoppen took on herself to create an elevated level of luxury and grace combined with comfort while designing the three opulent yachts.

As someone who kick-started her career at just 16 years old, Kelly Hoppen never stopped evolving and progressing up to this day. She has become one of the most renowned interior designers in the world and also an advocate for women’s rights receiving the title of an influential role model. She began professionally creating after she got the chance to design a kitchen for a family friend and so by taking full advantage of the opportunity, she expressed her sense of beauty and elegance earning a good amount from her first venture in the profession. Later investing the income and the experience into the growth of her business, she came up with her own company, “Kelly Hoppen Interiors” known globally today.

Fusing the majestic grandeur and sophistication of her style, Kelly was hired to bring her sense of elegance to life by designing three yachts for the Pearl edition: 65, 75 and 95.

In all three, she combined luxury with comfort to produce an unforgettable experience for the owners. The interior is elegantly designed and furnished with neutral tones creating an aesthetically pleasing sight to look at. It is her effortless and unique sense of designing that she can fuse comfort with extravagance in such a beautiful manner that her creations are not only appealing to the eye but also fulfill the needs and wants of the owners.

Her viewpoint solely aims to make people feel as comfortable and relaxed as they would in their own homes while also providing them with luxurious privileges to enjoy alongside. Hoppen’s wise choice of using light-colored materials and textures in the yacht’s bow cabins make the rooms feel even more spacious and commodious than they already are. In addition to that, her implementation of simply designed wooden furniture further adds to the elegant splendor of the yacht’s décor.

However her success in the industry doesn’t end here, she has also delved into a much bigger project by collaborating with Celebrity Cruises to create an impressive new cruise ship. Naming it Celebrity Edge, she produced innovative interiors and has designed about 1500 suites for the company with her iconic style, incorporating neutral tones with a dash of bright colors to create contrasting effects.

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