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Priesteregg when you yearn for a quiet getaway in the mountains, Bergdorf Chalets at Priestereggprovide you with a charming opportunity.

Providing a vast array of quaint little chalet cottages that bring you back to the simple pleasures of a natural life, these accommodations serve to relax your soul and give you an uncomplicated release from the stresses of modern day life.

. The cottages combine the pleasures of a modern, urban lifestyle, with the deep immersion and freedom of nature.

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The verdant hills, rolling plains and plunging valleys of the alps not only give you amazing panoramic views, but also bring you back to the rich history of this place, rooted in all its local customs and community activities.

The Priesteregg nature hotels and chalets offer you the premium, luxurious experience. When you are in need of firewood crackling near your toes, a warm conversation over a glass of sparkling wine, a hot bath infused with the luxury herbs of the region and a mouth-watering, rich breakfast, the Priesteregg chalets are your best choice. Coupled with ample opportunities for skiing, hiking and biking, your stay at Priesteregg will be the most memorable of your vacations.