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The Best Seafarer’s Coasts Around The Globe

The Best Seafarer’s Coasts Around The Globe for all those looking for their next yachting trip destination gallivanting around the world, there are some coasts exceed others in the luxury facilities that they boast of. Not only do they provide a picturesque ocean view but leave no stone unturned in satiating the eclectic palette of those carved out for the finer things life offers.

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World’s Underground and Underwater Luxury Hotel Set to Open in Shanghai

World’s Underground and Underwater Luxury Hotel Set to Open in Shanghai Advancements in technology are helping service industries in creating new experiences and new entertainment forms for their customers. A decade ago, the idea of an underwater and underground hotel would have seemed too futuristic to even perceive. Today, it is becoming a reality.

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Get A Moroccan Spa Break

Get A Moroccan Spa Break, The La Momounia is a long-standing, luxury hotel based in Marrakech with a rich history of its own. The prestigious establishment is host to one of the finest spas in the region, a luxurious, high-end Moroccan Spa Break.

La Momounia is famous for more than just its history. The lavish palace has luscious, immaculate gardens and a reputation for offering excellent service. The grandiose swimming pool is one of the city’s hottest attractions, popular for both its size and artful design.

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David Chipperfield’s Hotel Café Royal

David Chipperfield’s Hotel Café Royal achieves a certain level of surrealism that is hard to integrate into a postmodern world. A casual stroll through the vicinity, and you’ll find your mind becoming increasingly encapsulated by the fairy tale themed design that draws heavily from Scandinavian architecture.

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Experience a bit of Rome in New York

Experience a bit of Rome in New York, The Bulgari’s reopened Flagship store on Fifth Avenue can only be fairly described as a slice of marvelous Rome in New York. The store, which is a modern-day spectacle, grandly occupies a corner of the spectacular Crown building. The face of the store is anything but modest; with its rosette-studded exterior, the lavish establishment commands the attention of anyone in the vicinity.

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AMAN Skincare Line Makes Its Debut

AMAN Skincare Line Makes Its Debut, Aman resorts boast a variety of some of the finest luxury escapes spread across the world, known for its glamorous design and excellent service. Recently, the company has taken initiative in a whole new direction and has dived into the world of skincare and beauty.

The company plans to feature 30 select products as part of its inaugural collection, which will debut on the 1st of October.

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Silversea Cruises Add Three New Ships

Silversea Cruises Add Three New Ships, Royal Caribbean Cruises LTD. Silversea Cruises are both renowned global leaders of luxury cruising. Both companies have played a hand in improving the fine experience of traveling for leisure in their way. Thus, it should come as no surprise that their announcement to collaborate on the development of three new ships for Silversea cruises was met with a significant reception of excitement.

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The Future of Banksy and his Self-Destructing Art Piece

The Future of Banksy and his Self-Destructing Art Piece, Banksy, an acclaimed British graffiti artist, made headlines with what is perhaps his most innovative venture yet – an exploding art piece. The piece in question was a copy of one of the artist’s most renowned works; a picture of a young girl letting go of a red balloon. Naturally, the piece became considerably more famous when the copy exploded just moments after it had been auctioned off for a whopping $1.4 million.

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The VIP Globe Shopping Lounge Now In London

The VIP Globe Shopping Lounge Now In London, Global Blue is a Switzerland-based tourism-orientated shopping tax refund organization, which is well-known for its tax-free shopping, impressive marketing services, and modern point-of-sale technology. The company has recently extended its project of VIP Globe Shopping Lounges to London, in the heart of Mayfair on Albemarle Street.

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